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The Critical Few: Anticonformists at the Crossroads of Minority Opinion Survival and Collapse
Seeking sustainable solutions: using an attractor simulation platform for teaching multistakeholder negotiation in complex cases
Rethinking intractable conflict: the perspective of dynamical systems
Thinking inside the box—dynamical constraints on mind and action: Comment on Marsh et al.’s ‘‘Toward a radically embodied, embedded social psychology,’’ this issue
Dynamics of two-actor cooperation–competition conflict models
Intractable conflict as an attractor: a dynamical systems approach to conflict escalation and intractability
Relationship experience as a predictor of romantic jealousy
Dynamics of social coordination: the synchronization of internal states in close relationships
The emergence of personality: dynamic foundations of individual variation
To belong or to self-enhance? Motivational bases for choosing interaction partners
Levels of personal agency: individual variation in action identification
That's easy for you to say: Action identification and speech fluency
What do people think they're doing? Action identification and human behavior
Interpersonal engagement in social perception: the consequences of getting into the action
Objective self-awareness, standards of evaluation, and moral behavior
Equity and the formation of revolutionary and conservative coalitions in triads