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Culture of the Aquatic Plant Egeria densa in a Closed System. Final Report for Contract No. 021065. Submitted to the Division of Aquaculture, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Distribution of Microalgae Supplemental Feed in a Land-Based Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture System
Tissue-specific copper concentrations in red drum after long-term exposure to sublethal levelsof waterborne copper and a 21-day withdrawal
Inland marine fish culture in low salinity recirculating aquaculture systems
Evaluation of three types of structured floating plastic media in moving bed biofilters for total ammonia nitrogen removal in a low salinity hatchery recirculating aquaculture system
Production characteristics and body composition of Florida pompano reared tomarket size at two different densities in low-salinity recirculating aquaculture systems
Low-head saltwater recirculating aquaculture system utilized for juvenile red drum production
Production characteristics and body composition of juvenile cobia fed three differentcommercial diets in recirculating aquaculture systems
Low-head recirculating aquaculture system for juvenile red drum production
Gonadal development and sex-specific demographics of the shovelnose sturgeon in the Middle Mississippi River
A guide to the embryonic development of the shovelnose sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus platorynchus), reared at a constant temperature