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Port competition for cargo tonnage in the U. S. South
Geographical variation in alternative tourism and recreation establishments
Networking trends of small tourism businesses in post-socialist Slovakia
From mining community to seasonal visitor destination: The transformation of Sotiras, Thasos, Greece
Tourism patterns and problems in East Central Europe
Demographic efficiency of elderly migration to Florida
Entrepreneurial strategies and problems in post-communist Europe: a survey of SMEs in Slovakia
Planning strategies in Europe's single air market: A case study of Austrian airlines
Transportation and development in Central Florida: The rise of Orlando in the transport hierarchy
Global perspectives: small scale entrepreneurs and private sector development in the Slovak Republic
Changes in air service connectivity and employment
The restructuring of air transport linkages in the New Europe
Airline mergers and their effect on network structure
Assessing changes in air service connectivity in the U. S. Southeast, 1978-1992
Variations in hub service in the US domestic air transportation network
Trials of a small city airport: A case study of Gainesville