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The Lander Project
Environmental performance bounds for undersea pulsed laser serial imagers
Experimental imaging performance evaluation for alternate configurations of undersea pulsed laser serial imagers
Underwater laser serial imaging using compressive sensing and digital mirror device
Performance considerations for continuous-wave and pulsed laser line scan (LLS) imaging systems.
Visualization for multi-static underwater LLS system using image based rendering
Efficient laser pulse dispersion codes for turbid undersea imaging and communications applications
FAU Climate Change Initiative Priority Theme: Research, Engineering, and Adaption to a Change Climate
Improved LLS imaging performance in scattering-dominant waters
Experiments in bistatic laser line scan (LLS) underwater imaging
Experimental validation of a laser pulse time-history model
Underwater imaging and optics: recent advances
A focus on recent developments and trends in underwater imaging
An AUV-deployable pulsed laser line scan (PLLS) imaging sensor
Pulse versus CW laser line scan imaging detection methods: simulation results
Extended range underwater optical imaging architecture
Model-based evaluation of pulsed lasers for an underwater laser line scan imager