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Gold Nanoparticles as a Probe for Amyloid-β Oligomer and Amyloid Formation
Effects of Charged Cholesterol Derivatives on Aβ40 Amyloid Formation
Aggregation Gatekeeper and Controlled Assembly of Trpzip β-Hairpins
Infrared Study of the Stability and Folding Kinetics of a Series of β-Hairpin Peptides with a Common NPDG Turn
A Kinetic Aggregation Assay Enabling Selective and Sensitive Aβ Amyloid Quantification in Cells and Tissues
Temporal requirements of insulin/IGF‐1 signaling for proteotoxicity protection
Evaluating β-turn mimics as β-sheet folding nucleators
An experimental survey of the transition between two-state and downhill protein folding scenarios
Understanding the key factors that control the rate of β-hairpin folding
Trp zipper folding kinetics by molecular dynamics and temperature-jump spectroscopy