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Tom Clarke, in N.Y., to his Brother, William
Willie [Will Clarke], in D.C., to his father, William, in N.Y.
Mary Ann, in [illegible town] England, to her brother William [Clarke] in Taunton, Somersetshire, England
H.B. Groves to her brother, William Clarke, both in England
H.B. Groves, in London, to her sister, Bessia
Hairy Mate [Charles Linkins], on Hotel Chamberlin in Fortress Monroe, VA notepaper, to Cap. [Will Clarke]
The Berkshire Inn, Atlantic City
Antwerp, Belgium
C.F. Guyon, in N.Y., to Will [Clarke]
Charlie G. [C.F. Guyon], in Brooklyn, to W.J.P. [Will] Clarke, in D.C.
Alfred [Clarke], in D.C., to his brother, Will
A.J.C. [Alfred Clarke], in N.Y., to his brother, Will, in D.C.
Ada E.C. [Elizabeth Clarke], in Harper's Ferry, WVA., to her mother, S.P. [Sarah] Clarke
A.R.C. to Alfred J. Clarke
A.J.C. [Alfred Clarke] to his brother, Will, in D.C.
Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Pa.
Antwerp, Belgium
Point Pleasant Park, Halifax , N.S., 8/17/1908
Hairy Mate [Charles Linkins], on Chicago & St. Louis Express Pennsylvania R.R. Notepaper, to Capt. [Will Clarke]
[H.D.L.] Jackson, in Greenville, telegraph to W.J.P. [Will] Clarke in D.C.