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How Hitler prepared
Germany under Hitler
One war to defeat Hitler
The strange case of Herr Hitler
An appeal of the German communists: destroy Hitler! free Germany!
Discorso pronunciato al Reichstag germanico il 30 gennaio 1937 da Adolfo Hitler [Speech delivered by Adolf Hitler in the German Reichstag on January 30th 1937. ]
Hitler terror in 1935: with a chapter on Fascist terror in Austria
Adolf Hitler discorso pronunciato al Palazzo dello sport di Berlino il 30 Gennaio 1942 [Speech of the Führer and Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler: delivered at the Sport Palace in Berlin]
What Are Words Worth?
Shadow over Europe, the challenge of Nazi Germany
My Struggle: Hitler's Olive Branch to England and the Foundation for British Appeasement
Justice, justice, shall ye seek: Jewish warriors in Spain, 1936-1939
West German secondary school education on the Holocaust
Hitler's new order Kaiser's old order
Destroy Hitlerism
Slavery under Hitler's "new order"
The fight against Hitlerism
Interview with Simon Mass – ca. 2006