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Effect of wind on near-shore breaking waves
Seakeeping response of a Surface Effect Ship in near-shore transforming seas
Dynamic analysis of single- and multi-module platforms in waves
Characterizing the Magnetic Signature of Internal Waves
Test platform development for measuring surface effect ship response to wave loads
low-cost, high rate motion measurement system for an unmanned surface vehicle with underwater navigation and oceanographic applications
Propulsive Performance and Maneuver Control of Undulatory Ribbon Fin Propulsion Using Bio-inspired Robotic Systems
Hydrodynamic analysis of underwater bodies for efficient station keeping in shallow waters with surface waves
Deterministic, stochastic and convex analyses of one- and two-dimensional periodic structures
System identification methodology for a wave adaptive modular unmanned surface vehicle
Influence of the boundaries on the acoustic scattering by a submerged target
Dynamic positioning and motion mitigation of a scaled sea basing platform
Acoustic Tonal and Vector Properties of Red Hind Grouper Vocalizationd
A Study of the Underwater Acoustic Propagation in a Turning Basin Modeled as a Three-Dimensional Duct Closed at One End Using the Method of Images
Spectral evaluation of motion compensated adv systems for ocean turbulence measurements