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Effect of wind on near-shore breaking waves
Influence of the boundaries on the acoustic scattering by a submerged target
Seakeeping response of a Surface Effect Ship in near-shore transforming seas
Dynamic analysis of single- and multi-module platforms in waves
Hydrodynamic analysis of underwater bodies for efficient station keeping in shallow waters with surface waves
A Study of the Underwater Acoustic Propagation in a Turning Basin Modeled as a Three-Dimensional Duct Closed at One End Using the Method of Images
Acoustic Tonal and Vector Properties of Red Hind Grouper Vocalizationd
Characterizing the Magnetic Signature of Internal Waves
Test platform development for measuring surface effect ship response to wave loads
low-cost, high rate motion measurement system for an unmanned surface vehicle with underwater navigation and oceanographic applications
Propulsive Performance and Maneuver Control of Undulatory Ribbon Fin Propulsion Using Bio-inspired Robotic Systems
Deterministic, stochastic and convex analyses of one- and two-dimensional periodic structures
System identification methodology for a wave adaptive modular unmanned surface vehicle
Spectral evaluation of motion compensated adv systems for ocean turbulence measurements
Dynamic positioning and motion mitigation of a scaled sea basing platform