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Classification and evaluation of coastal water resources
evaluation of the certainty of system performance measures generated by the South Florida Water Management Model
A New Sterol Sulfate, Sch 572423, from a Marine Sponge, Topsentia sp.
Distribution and migration of pesticide residues in mosquito control impoundments St. Lucie County, Florida, USA
ascidian Styela plicata as a potential bioremediator of bacterial and algal contamination of marine estuarine waters
The Use of Multiple Tracers to Determine the Impact of Septic Tanks on the Water Quality of Urban and Rural Coastal Environments
A lime softening system for individual-household use powered by solar energy
The correlations between OSTDS sites and the pollution of the surface water bodies in Broward County
Effect of Electronic Water Treatment System on Calcium Carbonate Scaling
combined effects of low salinity and Dermo on oysters from the St. Lucie Estuary
Conceptual design of a best management practice retrofit project in a small urban watershed
Investigation of flow patterns using geochemical tracers in the Floridan aquifer system, Naples, Florida
The effects of on-site sewage treatment and disposal systems on the relief canals of Indian River County, the St. Sebastian River, and the central Indian River lagoon
Domestic Water in Northern Trinidad: Access, Collection and Quality