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Geographic Routing Reliability Enhancement in Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Smart Adaptive Beaconing Schemes for VANET
Real-time traffic incidents prediction in vehicular networks using big data analytics
Context-aware hybrid data dissemination in vehicular networks
Statistical broadcast protocol design for VANET
Traffic congestion detection using VANET
An Ant Inspired Dynamic Traffic Assignment for VANETs: Early Notification of Traffic Congestion and Traffic Incidents
An implementation of the IEEE 1609.4 wave standard for use in a vehicular networking testbed
Reliable Vehicle-to-Vehicle Weighted Localization in Vehicular Networks
Implementation of the IEEE 1609.2 WAVE Security Services Standard
Adaptive Routing Protocols for VANET
Smart Broadcast Protocol Design For Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
Implementations Of The DTM, DADCQ And SLAB VANET Broadcast Protocols For The Ns-3 Simulator