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Seconde lettre de M. de Pinto, à l'occasion des troubles des colonies, : contenant des réflexions politiques sur les suites de ces troubles, & sur l'état actuel de l'Angleterre.
The misery and duty of an oppress'd and enslav'd people : represented in a sermon delivered at Salisbury, July 14, 1774.
An oration, delivered March fifth, 1773, at the request of the inhabitants of the town of Boston; to commemorate the bloody tragedy of the fifth of March, 1770
A thanksgiving-sermon preach'd at Pepperrell, July 24th. 1766 :
Good news from a far country. : a sermon preached at Boston, May 17. 1766.
A discourse, concerning unlimited submission and non-resistance to the higher powers
 A discourse, delivered at the anniversary meeting of the freemen of the town of New-Haven, April 12, 1773
An oration, upon the beauties of liberty : or the essential rights of the Americans.
The rights of the British colonies asserted and proved
The right method of addressing the Divine Majesty in prayer : so as to support and strengthen our faith in dark and troublesome times.
A discourse delivered at Hallifax in the county of Plymouth, July 24th 1766. :
The snare broken. : A thanksgiving-discourse, preached at the desire of the West Church in Boston, N.E. Friday May 23, 1766.
A discourse on "the good news from a far country" : deliver'd July 24th.
A Friendly Address