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Multipath compensation for underwater acoustic communication
Digital acoustic communications using decision directed learning
Motion Compensation of an Ultra Short Baseline Array for the Acoustic Positioning of an Underwater Vehicle for Port Operations
Compound compensation strategies for wireless data communications over the multimodal acoustic ocean waveguide
High-rate wireless data communications: an underwater acoustic communications framework at the physical layer
Channel characterization for acoustic communications in shallow water using QPSK data
High-speed acoustic communication in shallow water using spatio-temporal adaptive array processing
Mathematical methods for mapping image and data compression transforms to adaptive computing systems
Mobile docking of REMUS-100 equipped with USBL-APS to an unmanned surface vehicle: a performance feasibility study
The Comprehensive Evaluation of Performance and Environmental Influence on MPSK Modulated High-Speed Acoustic Communications in Shallow Water
Maximum likelihood estimates of azimuth and elevation for a frequency-hopped active source using a tetrahedral ultra-short baseline
Estimation of the scattering function of fading channels for acoustic communications in shallow waters
Acoustic tracking of an unmanned underwater vehicle using a passive ultrashort baseline array and a single long baseline beacon
Underwater acoustic channel estimation using multiple sources and receivers in shallow waters at very-high frequencies
Combined spatial diversity and time equalization for broadband multiple channel underwater acoustic communications
Automated Launch and Recovery of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle from an Unmanned Surface Vessel
A high-level fuzzy logic guidance system for an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) tasked to perform an autonomous launch and recovery (ALR) of an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV)