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effect of sea surface motion on underwater communication systems
Experiments for Waves Breaking Over a Three-Dimensional Submerged Bar
Boundary-integral analysis of nonlinear diffraction forces on a submerged body
Design and testing of an untethered vertically ascending profiler for use in measuring near-surface turbulence
Modelling of underwater ambient noise due to whitecaps
Radius distribution of ocean near surface bubbles
Boundary reflection coefficient estimation from depth dependence of the acoustic Green's function
Modeling of shallow water ambient noise directionality using the effective depth approximation
study of ambient noise in shallow water
Geoacoustic inversion of subbottom channels using mulitple frequency input parameters
Hydrodynamic analysis of underwater bodies for efficient station keeping in shallow waters with surface waves
Acoustic Tonal and Vector Properties of Red Hind Grouper Vocalizationd
An Investigation into the Acoustic Variability and the Attenuation of an Acoustic Signal within a Port Environment Focusing on Port Everglades, Florida