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In-plane and out-of-plane components of structural intensity in thick structures
Identification of support conditions on a beam using finite element analysis
Dynamic response of plate structures to external excitations
Studies of composite multihull ship structures using fluid structure interaction
Compression failure of sandwich specimens with and without face/core debonds
Vibration tailoring of inhomogeneous beams and circular plates
Non-destructive evaluation of reinforced asphalt pavement built over soft organic soils
Stiffness characterization and life cycle analysis of reinforced asphalt pavements using falling weight deflectometer tests
Evaluation of flexible pipes under shallow burial depths
Flexural Behavior of Concrete Using Basalt FRP Rebar
Vibration, buckling and impact of carbon nanotubes
Methodology for fault detection and diagnostics in an ocean turbine using vibration analysis and modeling
Study of edge effects in laminated sandwich specimens
Modeling of Flexible Pipe for Culvert Application under Shallow Burial Condition
procedure for evaluation and selection of computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools for analysis and design
Stability Analysis of Geosynthetic Reinforced MSW Landfill Slopes Considering Effects of Biodegradation and Extreme Wind Loading