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Nurses' perceptions of their ability to interact with family members in the intensive care unit
The Impact of Undergraduate Research Participation on Research Self-Efficacy
Career decision-making self-efficacy, occupational preferences, and gender: A study of undergraduate students at King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Poor self-concept and victimization by peers: Untangling the direction of influence
comparison between Florida State University System's female administrators and female faculty in their personal attributes and self-efficacy beliefs
The Relationship Between Self-Efficacy of Senior Adults and Their Use of the Internet
The relationship between the self-efficacy of monolingual and bilingual undergraduate college students and their academic achievement in science and math.
Transformational learning and self-efficacy: an investigation into their role in prophylactic mastectomy
Relationship Between Psychological Factors and Acute Strength Task Performance
Caring for self for nursing leaders: Climbing to the mountain peak