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exploratory investigation of self-actualization, social support, and dietary quality in later adulthood
Gender self-discrepancies in middle childhood: influences on children’s personal and social adjustment
Daily Feedback of Self-Concept Clarity and Grit
Digit ratio (2D:4D) predicts communion in exploratory structural equation modeling of self-narratives
Aftermath: The End of the Event
In Their Own Words: Older Adults' Perceptions of Effective and Ineffective Learning Experiences
The Relationship Between Self-Efficacy of Senior Adults and Their Use of the Internet
relationship of self transcendance, social interest, and spirituality to well-being in HIV-AIDS adults
Articulation, Narrative, Integrity, and the Practice of Self-Formation in the Work of Charles Taylor, Alasdair Macintyre, and David L. Norton
More than "just a hunch"
Third age adult English language learners in informal library settings
search for self in the postmodern novel