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Can Everglades forested wetlands significantly reduce nutrient concentrations in surface waters?
A habitat suitability model for wading birds in a large subtropical lake: linking hydrologic fluctuations and nesting
Fishes of the Kissimmee River floodplain, prior to proposed restoration
Forest wetland response to nutrient enrichment on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation
Plant colonization on a newly restored floodplain of the Kissimmee River, Florida
Examination of the Use of Floating Individuals of Halodule wrightii (Ascherson, 1868) for Restoration
Civic environmentalism: A model for Everglades restoration and a sustainable South Florida
Markers of Hypoxic Stress in Fishes of the Kissimmee River
Post-fire Succession and Carbon Storage in the Northern Everglades
The Role Of Disturbance In The Genotypic And Morphological Diversity Of Halodule Wrightii
Development, evaluation, and application of spatio-temporal wading bird foraging models to guide everglades restoration
Historical analysis of development and its impact on the ecology of the Grassy Waters Preserve