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hydrokinetic resource assessment of the Florida Current
Sea current generator
Determining anchoring systems for marine renewable energy devices moored in a western boundary current
Simulations and feedback control of nonlinear coupled electromechanical oscillators for energy conversion applications
Design of hydrodynamic test facility and scaling procedure for ocean current renewable energy devices
Modeling and analysis of aluminum/air fuel cell
Developing interpretive turbulence models from a database with applications to wind farms and shipboard operations
Barometric distillation and the problem of non-condensable gases
Experimental analysis of the effect of waves on a floating wind turbine
Developing a photovoltaic MPPT system
Design of a power management model for a solar/fuel cell hybrid energy system
fuzzy logic material selection methodology for renewable ocean energy applications
Integrated modeling approach for enery alternatives and green house gas mitigation in the state of Florida
Study of pulsing flow of reactants in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)
Solar cell degradation under ionizing radiation ambient
Study of high temperature PEM fuel cell (HT-PEMFC) waste heat recovery through ejector based refrigeration
Environmental siting suitability analysis for commercial scale ocean renewable energy: a southeast Florida case study