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CORD II - an ROV system for use in high current conditions
Underwater marketplace: ROV tooling
RAM (rotary actuated manipulator)
Cord II a technical summary of an unmanned, tethered observation and rescue submersible
Modern power distribution and conversion in undersea systems
Deep ocean ROV operated coring device
Development of tools for underwater vehicles
Leveled flight control of an unmanned underwater vehicle operating in a wave induced environment
Optical 2D Positional Estimation for a Biomimetic Station-Keeping Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
A specialized ROV for cleaning groundwater recharge basins
Development of a morphing autonomous underwater vehicle for path and station keeping in complex current environments
Dynamics and Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles with Internal Actuators
Design and Deployment Analysis of Morphing Ocean Structure
Simulator and location-aware routing protocol for mobile ad hoc acoustic networks of AUVs
Task allocation and path planning for acoustic networks of AUVs