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The effect of choline supplementation on maze running ability in hypothyroid rats
PHA-L analysis of projections from the nucleus reticularis pontis oralis, the pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus and the median raphe nucleus in the rat: Implications for the modulation of the hippocampal EEG
Effects of daily cocaine on milk intake and motor activity in cannula-fed and bottle-fed rats
Do The Dynamics of Insulin Delivery Matter for Management of Diabetes Mellitus? Evidence From Molecular Measures in a Diabetic Rat Model.
effects of prenatal and postnatal ethanol exposure on spatial learning in the rat
Neuropeptidergic and neuromorphological adaptations induced by behavioral sensitization to nicotine in a rodent model of vulnerability to nicotine relapse
Chronic variable stress affects hippocampal neurotrophic factor gene expression in the novelty-seeking phenotype
Protective Mechanisms of Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor Against Experimental Models of Stroke
Neural Activity Associated with Tolerance to Amphetamine Hypophagia
effects of cocaine pre-exposure and maternal deprivation in the self-administration of cocaine and amphetamine in neonatal rats
Contingent suppression of amphetamine-induced stereotypy in cannula-fed rats
Comparison of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal responses to maternal deprivation and chronic variable stress in pre-weanling rats
response of rat retinal ganglion cells to axotomy: Early changes in the regulation of fast transported proteins
Tolerance to amphetamine in cannula vs. bottle-fed animals
Afferent projections to rhomboid nucleus of thalamus
Behavioral sensitization to nicotine in the novelty-seeking phenotype and hippocampal mossy fiber morphology
Effects of adolescent stress on depressive- and anxiety-like behaviors and hippocampal mossy fibre-CA3 remodeling in the novelty-seeking phenotype