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Is operating budget execution really a coherent process?
Outlining a theory about the practical use of theory: A discourse-practice theoretic analysis of academic public administration symposia genre
impact of the budget deficit on key macroeconomic variables in the major industrial countries
Charter School Closures in Florida, 2006-2016: A Population Ecology Perspective
Reforming public broadcasting's problematic publicness: An analysis of the effectiveness and prospects of Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting
Sisyphusian predicament
Epistemology and networked governance: an actor-network approach to network governance
Public asset management
Utopian/Dystopian Thought Experiments and the Potential For a New Strateb')' of Inquiry in Public Administration
Reframing our understanding of nonprofit regulation through the use of the institutional analysis and development framework
exploration of religious terrorism over time
Collaborative governance and the implementation of the Ryan White CARE Act
Maternal health policy