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Low velocity impact and compression after impact characterization of woven carbon/vinylester at dry and water saturated conditions
Synthesis and structural characterization of organotin and group IVB metallocene dichlorides with kinetin
Mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for concrete bridge deck reinforcement
Determination of the tensile strength of the fiber/matrix interface for glass/epoxy & carbon/vinylester
Effects of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Dispersion and Interface Condition on Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of CNT-Reinforced Vinyl Ester
Durability of carbon fiber/vinylester composites subjected to marine environments and electrochemical interactions
Evaluation of Water Degradation ofPolymer Matrix Composites by Micromechanical and Macromechanical Tests
Application of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as a non-destructive technique to characterize and detect degradation of carbon/nylon, 6 composites in aqueous environments
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to monitor degradation of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites subjected to simulated ocean environment
Flexible Filler Corrosion Protection of Unbonded Post-Tension Tendons
Initial evaluation of organotin monomers and polymers as potential anticancer agents
A New Approach to Sensitized Luminescence in Trivalent Lanthanide Coordination Polymers: From Fundamental Luminescence and Crystal Engineering Toward Sensing Applications