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Low velocity impact and compression after impact characterization of woven carbon/vinylester at dry and water saturated conditions
Adhesive Joint Analyses Using Ansys CZM Modeling of a Prefabricated Hybrid Concrete-GFRP-CFRP Unit
The effects of POSS surface treatment on the interlaminar property of marine composites
Degradation of mechanical properties of vinylester and carbon fiber/vinylester composites due to environmental exposure
Degradation of the composite fiber/matrix interface in marine environment
Evaluation of Water Degradation ofPolymer Matrix Composites by Micromechanical and Macromechanical Tests
Investigation of nanoscale reinforcement into textile polymers
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to monitor degradation of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites subjected to simulated ocean environment
Transport of seawater and its influence on the transverse tensile strength of unidirectional composite materials
Strength and durability of fly ash-based fiber-reinforced geopolymer concrete in a simulated marine environment
Synthesis and photophysical measurements of a series of lanthanide-benzenedicarboxylate coordination polymers
Experimental evaluation of the durability of fly ash-based geopolymer concrete in the marine environment
Initial evaluation of organotin monomers and polymers as potential anticancer agents