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A theory for the visual perception of object motion
Detecting the spatiotemporal dynamics of neural activity on the cortical surface
Competing mechanisms in the perception of apparent motion: Effects of zero-hertz and time-varying energy
Potential stimulus contributions to counterchange determined motion perception
The Effects of Dichoptic and Isoluminant-Chromatic Stimuli on the Perception of Object and Objectless Motion
Segregating stimululs information for counterchange and motion energy-determined motion perception
Spatiotemporal beanformer analysis of neuromagnetic activity in sensorimotor cortex
Spatiotemporal brain dynamics of the resting state
Theoretical and experimental studies of multisensory integration as a coupled dynamical system
Eye Fixations of the Face Are Modulated by Perception of a Bidirectional Social Interaction
Afferent projections to rhomboid nucleus of thalamus