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Attachment in preadolescence
relation between child temperament and parent and child behavior in the context of a problem-solving task: An exploratory analysis
Firing back!
effect of child temperament in parent-child interactions in a teaching task
EEG in preschool children and the development of empathy
Patterns of influence on school engagement and the moderating effects of maternal affection
experience of caring for an elderly parent with Alzheimer's disease
role of middle childhood attachment styles in peer liking and target-specific aggression
development of jealousy
Properties of Child-Directed Speech in Mothers’ Native and Nonnative Languages: A Comparison of English Monolingual and Spanish-English Bilingual Mothers’ Talk to 2-Year-Olds
High summer
Developing mechanisms of self-regulation
Challenges faced by parents caring for their child after traumatic brain injury
lived experience of mothers as they sought health care for their internationally adopted children