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Predicting hospital readmissions in patients with diabetes
Automated nursing knowledge classification using indexing
Thriving in Healthcare Providers: Relationship to Emotional Exhaustion & Impact on Primary Care Population Health Outcomes
Decision making models utilized by nurses to activate rapid response teams
Ethnography of Adherence to Plans of Care in the HIV Positive Patient
How do home and community based services change long-term care?
The Experience of Caring for Women with Drug or Alcohol Problems in the General Hospital
Does physical fitness mediate the physiological and perceptual responses to 10-minutes of chest compression-only CPR?
impact of satisfaction with care and empowerment on glycemic control among older African American adults with diabetes
bureaucratic system: A positive or negative effect on nursing home quality of care?
A Clinical Decision Support System for the Identification of Potential Hospital Readmission Patients
Chief nursing officer sustainment in the continued practice of nursing leadership: a phenomenological inquiry
web-based automated classification system for nursing language based on nursing theory
Therapeutic Options for the Treatment of Breast Cancer: Using Cytoreg and Genistein Isoflavone
An empirical analysis of factors influencing organizational cultural competence within emergency medical services systems
Effect of music as a nursing intervention to reduce anxiety in coronary bypass and valve replacement surgery patients
Identifying descriptions of quality nursing care shared by nurse and patient in the acute care hospital environment
Evaluation of speak for myself™ with patients who are voiceless
lived experience of decision-making for older adults who had an implantable cardioverter defibrillator inserted