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Web-based description of design pattern representations
Reducing impedance mismatch in SQL embeddings for object-oriented programming languages
A Modeling Methodology for an RTOS
Approaches to relational database access from object-oriented programming languages
Industrial-strength formalization of object-oriented real-time systems
Extensions to real-time object-oriented software design methodologies
heterogeneous multiprocessor architecture for workstations
methodology for object-oriented modeling and design of real-time, fault-tolerant systems
Object-oriented modeling of multimedia conferencing systems
survey of object-oriented features in SQL3
Object-oriented design of flexible manufacturing systems
object-oriented model for a manufacturing resource planning system
Object-oriented process planning system for printed circuit boards fabrication (OOPP)
Controlling access to physical locations
Design patterns and object oriented model of a biometric service system
Implementation of an improved embedded SQL for Java
Analyzing software repository data to synthesize and visualize relationships between development artifacts
iVEST A: Interactive Data Visualization and Analysis for Drive Test Data Evaluation
Performance analysis of a new object-based I/O architecture for PCs and workstations
Cache optimization for real-time embedded systems