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Nutrient pollution of coastal rivers, bays, and seas
A close-interval sampler for collection of sediment pore waters for nutrient analyses
Coral reef destruction
A comparison of ceramic cup and Teflon in situ samplers for nutrient pore water determinations
The collection, analysis and variation of nutrients in estuarine pore water
Nutrient couplings between on-site sewage disposal systems, groundwaters, and nearshore surface waters of the Florida Keys
Sewage pollution in Negril, Jamaica: effects on nutrition and ecology of coral reef macroalgae
Reciprocal Caulerpa invasion: Mediterranean native Caulerpa ollivieri in the Bahamas supported by human nitrogen enrichment
Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne remove blooms of the invasive green alga Caulerpa brachypus forma parvifolia (Harvey) Cribb from coral reefs off northern Palm Beach County, Florida
The effects of on-site sewage treatment and disposal systems on the relief canals of Indian River County, the St. Sebastian River, and the central Indian River lagoon