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Nonlinear control of underactuated horizontal double pendulum
Automatic design of nonlinear controllers with optimal global performance using best estimate-directed search and continued propagation cell mapping
Design of an adaptive nonlinear controller for an autonomous underwater vehicle equipped with a vectored thruster
Studies on nonlinear activity and cross-entropy considerations in neural networks
High performance and robust control
Remarks on stability analysis for delayed systems with applications
Input-to-state stability properties for discrete-time nonlinear systems
Intelligent Supervisory Switching Control of Unmanned Surface Vehicles
Design and tuning of fuzzy control surface with Bezier functions
Karhunen-Loeve decomposition for non stationary propulsor flow noise
Nonlinear control of an unmanned amphibious vehicle
Leveled flight control of an unmanned underwater vehicle operating in a wave induced environment
Automated Launch and Recovery of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle from an Unmanned Surface Vessel
A high-level fuzzy logic guidance system for an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) tasked to perform an autonomous launch and recovery (ALR) of an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV)
Stability analysis for nonlinear systems with time-delays
Dynamics and Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles with Internal Actuators