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Expressions of emotion in bilingual mother's child-directed speech
Children's perceptions of caregiving by depressed mothers
Preadolescents' Maternal Attachment: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Relation to Social Adjustment
Cultural Influences on Mother-Child Conversations in Monolingual European American, Monolingual Hispanic American and Bilingual Hispanic American Mothers
Determinants of attachment style in middle childhood: Perceptions of parental behavior and their relation to attachment coping strategies
relation of maternal parenting style to how children cope during conflicts with their mothers
Does children's attachment style influence children's perception of the parent?
Mother-adolescent conflict and relationship quality in youth with and without behavior problems
Children's temperament: Does it predict how children cope during conflicts with parents?
Mother-child interaction and victimization by peers during middle childhood
The Lived Experience of Breastfeeding for Women With Perinatal Depression