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Cytogenetic of chromosomal synteny evaluation: bioinformatic applications towards screening of chromosomal aberrations/ genetic disorder
Cytogenic bioinformatics of chromosomal aberrations and genetic disorders
Cells and cocktails
Influence of sex hormones and genetic predisposition in dry eye in Sjèogren's syndrome
Characterization of Cellular Proteins Binding HIV's Rev Responsive Element (RRE)
Posttranscriptional regulation of tropomyosin expression by myofibril inducing RNA (MIR) during axolotl embryonic heart development
Suffering in the midst of technology
Molecular pathway identification using microarray technology
Bioinformatics mining of the dark matter proteome for cancer targets discovery
UP-regulation of inflammatory cytokines in the lacrimal glands of a predisposed mouse model of Sjèogren's syndrome (SS)
The Single Minded 2 Gene (SIM2) and Cancer: Harnessing Micro-Array Data to Facilitate Pathway Discovery and Validation
Rhetorical "Mosaicism" and Intractable Conflict: George W. Bush on Stem Cells