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Communicating space and time perception and ideology in online texts
Veg-gendered: a cultural study of gendered onscreen representations of food and their implications for veganism
Deconstructing the politics of culture jamming
Minority representation in popular culture
Cultural imperialism: The Caribbean's case of colonization, media imperialism, and tourism
The “Shepard” will guide us: a textual analysis of hegemonic reinforcement and resistance in the mass effect video game series
intersection of gender and Italian/Americaness
Un-resistive reproduction? Medical hegemony, pregnancy, and reality television
Personality and the news
Multiple birth families, religion, and cultural hegemony
Towards a feminist funny
The Politics of Silence: The Public and Private Matter of Theresa Marie Schiavo
More than "just a hunch"
Hegemonic "realness"?
Chavez and the media
Global warming in the microblog era
Black adolescents’ critical encounters with media and the counteracting possibilities of critical media literacy
Media voyeurs in Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita