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Adaptive controller design for an autonomous twin-hulled surface vessel with uncertain displacement and drag
Intelligent Supervisory Switching Control of Unmanned Surface Vehicles
Self-Contained Soft Robotic Jellyfish with Water-Filled Bending Actuators and Positional Feedback Control
Design and tuning of fuzzy control surface with Bezier functions
Wind Feedforward Control of a USV
Design and implementation of intelligent control methodologies for reverse osmosis plants
Hardware in the loop simulation of generic nodes using Lontalk
simplistic approach to reactive multi-robot navigation in unknown environments
An Ant Inspired Dynamic Traffic Assignment for VANETs: Early Notification of Traffic Congestion and Traffic Incidents
Reliable Vehicle-to-Vehicle Weighted Localization in Vehicular Networks
Intelligent systems using GMDH algorithms
Stereo vision-based target tracking system for USV operations
Low Cost Robotic Car as a Way to Teach Mathematics
Modeling the performance of a laser for tracking an underwater dynamic target
On Development of Arterial Fundamental Diagrams Based on Surrogate Density Measures from Adaptive Traffic Control Systems Utilizing Stop Line Detection
Smart low power obstacle avoidance device