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Infant Socioemotional Responses When Faced with Social Threat: Implications For Neurophysiological and Bio-hormonal Processing
Look at my mouth when I’m talking: developmental shift in infant attention away from the eyes to the mouth of a talking face
Infants' perception of synthetic-like multisensory relations
Multisensory Cues Facilitate Infants’ Ability to Discriminate Other-Race Faces
Infant Jealousy Responses: Temperament and EEG
Longitudinal stability of jealousy in infancy
development of jealousy
Kangaroo care with full-term infants: maternal behaviors and mother-infant bonding
Maternal influence on early infant emotional regulation: A study of 3-month infant behavior, cortisol and frontal EEG
Breastfeeding and kangaroo care: biobehavioral measures of dyadic bonding, infant cortical maturation, and infant HPA reactivity
The behavioral, emotional, and attentional effects of human baby schema
Behavioral Expressions of Jealousy Across the First Two Years of Life: Associations with EEG Asymmetry, Cortisol Reactivity and Attachment Security