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Must allied indifference match Nazi crime: a plea for the rescue of Europe’s remaining Jews
From one generation to the next: A case study of Holocaust education in Illinois
Trauma and Telling: Examining the Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma Through Silence
Authorial Narration of Photographs: Postmemory In Erika Dreifus's Short Story Collection Quiet Americans
Interview with Moe Stern – ca. 2008
Critical pedagogy: an approach to professional development for holocaust education
contributions of a Holocaust and human rights education program to teacher learning
Influences of an experiential learning program for Holocaust education
Interview with Sam Greene - ca. 2008
West German secondary school education on the Holocaust
Lest we forget : the massacre of the Warsaw ghetto : a compilation of reports received by the World Jewish congress and by the representation of Polish Jewry
History at the Gates: How Teacher and School Characteristics Relate to Implementation of a State Mandate on Holocaust Education
Teaching Night in the secondary classroom
Voices of survival
power of memory