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High performance liquid chromatographic separation of sedimentary vanadyl porphyrins
HPLC separation and characterization of nickle geoporphyrins
Evaluation of alumina-based stationary phases for the separations of proteins and peptides by high performance liquid chromatography
stability study of octadecylalumina columns for use in HPLC
Investigation of perfluoroalkyl bonded alumina-based stationary phases for reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography applications
Investigation of dynamically coated alumina stationary phases for reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography
High performance liquid chromatographic properties of reversed phase alumina
Detection and quantification of trace levels of carbaryl and its metabolites from Dendroctonus frontalis Zimmermann
Comparison of alkyl-bonded alumina and silica stationary phases for peptide and protein separations by high performance liquid chromatography
Photosynthetic pigment ratios in relation to Photic Flux
Sex determination of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) via hormonal analysis by high performance liquid chromatography
Hemisynthesis and Characterization of Cyclopheophorbides
Epiphyte productivity and community structure in conjunction with HPLC pigment analysis
Pigment analysis of benthic and pelagic algae in Lake Okeechobee, Florida