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Case study - trichloroethylene groundwater contamination at Vero Beach, Florida
A ten-year study on the removal of contaminated groundwaterand its impact to a run-off canal and coastal environment
Application of probabilistic analogy to groundwater contamination problems
Groundwater solute transport models for simulating the effects of a wellfield protection zone on contaminant transport
The relative importance of nutrient enrichment and herbivory on macroalgal communities near Norman’s Pond Cay, Exumas Cays, Bahamas: a ‘‘natural’’ enrichment experiment
The correlations between OSTDS sites and the pollution of the surface water bodies in Broward County
Collection and analyses of physical data for deep injection wells in Florida
Nutrient couplings between on-site sewage disposal systems, groundwaters, and nearshore surface waters of the Florida Keys
Risk of injection using reclaimed water for aquifer recharge using rotavirus as surrogate contaminant
A study of the relationships between historical land use and petroleum contamination in southeastern Palm Beach County, Florida
The effects of on-site sewage treatment and disposal systems on the relief canals of Indian River County, the St. Sebastian River, and the central Indian River lagoon