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Joint channel and data estimation: genetic algorithm based blind equalization
Performance analysis of the genetic algorithm and its applications
Optimal planning of robot calibration experiments by genetic algorithms
Information-theoretics based genetic algorithm: Application to Hopfield's associative memory model of neural networks
Novel Techniques in Genetic Programming
Applications of evolutionary algorithms in mechanical engineering
method for the optimization of product development resource allocation
Software reliability engineering: An evolutionary neural network approach
novel NN paradigm for the prediction of hematocrit value during blood transfusion
Intelligent systems using GMDH algorithms
novel optimization algorithm and other techniques in medicinal chemistry
Real-Time Localization of a Magnetic Anomaly: A Study of the Effectiveness of a Genetic Algorithm for Implementation on an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Object recognition by genetic algorithm
simplistic approach to reactive multi-robot navigation in unknown environments
Evolutionary algorithms for design and control of material handling and manufacturing systems
Modeling strategic resource allocation in probabilistic global supply chain system with genetic algorithm
genetic algorithm for non-constrained process and economic process optimization