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Cell-state-space-based fuzzy logic controller automatic design and optimization for high-order systems
Implementation of a fuzzy logic controller for laser tracking system
Fuzzy auto-detection of bottom mines
Design and tuning of fuzzy control surface with Bezier functions
Fuzzy logic techniques for software reliability engineering
Design and implementation of a control system for a laser-tracking measurement system
A high-level fuzzy logic guidance system for an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) tasked to perform an autonomous launch and recovery (ALR) of an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV)
Intelligent systems using GMDH algorithms
Application of artificial neural networks to deduce robust forecast performance in technoeconomic contexts
An evaluation of machine learning algorithms for tweet sentiment analysis
robust AUV docking guidance and navigation approach to handling unknown current disturbances
novel NN paradigm for the prediction of hematocrit value during blood transfusion
fuzzy logic material selection methodology for renewable ocean energy applications
Smart Adaptive Beaconing Schemes for VANET
Techniques for combining binary classifiers: A comparative study in network intrusion detection systems
fuzzy logic based flight control system for the FAU "Ocean Voyager" autonomous underwater vehicle
Automated Launch and Recovery of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle from an Unmanned Surface Vessel
Spectral refinement to speech enhancement