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Longitudinal Change in Friendship Quality and Adolescent
Who influences whom in adolescent romantic relationship?
Best friend influence over adolescent problem behaviors: the role of perceived friendship quality
Sources of Popularity: Aggressive and Prosocial Strategists and the Adolescents Who Affiliate With Them.
Perceptions of conflict and the qualities of early adolescent friendships: Dyadic measures of associations
The friends they have and the friends they want: desired friendship across the transition into adolescence
A Longitudinal Latent Profile Analysis of Adolescent Popularity: A Test of the Bistrategic Hypothesis
A survival analysis of adolescent friendships: the downside of dissimilarity
Age related changes in relationship closeness, reciprocity, and authority during adolescence
Age-related differences in friend similarity of delinquent behavior
Patterns of influence on school engagement and the moderating effects of maternal affection
Patterns of Stable Early Adolescent Friendships and Their Associations with Individual Adjustment
Adolescent relationships and their contributions to social and academic competence
Aggression and prosocial behavior predict changes in perceptions of friendship quality in primary and middle school students