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Public asset management
Interstate fiscal disparities among American states: An empirical study
Wages and tariffs. Influence of the protective system on wages, social organization and the distribution of wealth. An address delivered before the Brooklyn revenue reform club, on May 8th, 1884.
Matthew Effect and public administration research: An analysis of the relationship of institutional prestige to research funding levels and departmental research productivity at U.S. schools of public administration
Our national finances. How are they managed? Who pays the debt? : Speech of Hon. R.E. Fenton, at Albany, New York, Thursday, July 18, 1872.
Address and recommendations to the states by the United States in Congress assembled.
Speech of Alphonso Taft at Marietta, O., delivered August 9, 1875
"Facts and figures for the hour" : speech of George May Powell, of Wisconsin
Speech of Hon. Elijah Ward, at a meeting ratifying his nomination for election to the 45th Congress, November 4th, 1876.
Endicott's letter : Garfield's speech on honest money : delivered at Faneuil Hall, Boston, Sept. 10, 1878
Count the cost : an address to the people of Connecticut, on sundry political subjects, and particularly on the proposition for a new constitution
The Implications of Florida's 1998 Constitutional Revision on Education Finance Reform : A Legal Analysis Of Florida' s 1998 Constitution Revision Concerning Its Impact To The Legitimacy Of Florida's Education Financing Plan
Mr. Daggett's Argument before the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut