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Development of Flexible Puncture Resistant Materials System Using Silica Nanoparticles
The effects of POSS surface treatment on the interlaminar property of marine composites
Carbon fiber/vinylester composites in the marine environment
Degradation of mechanical properties of vinylester and carbon fiber/vinylester composites due to environmental exposure
Degradation of the composite fiber/matrix interface in marine environment
Mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for concrete bridge deck reinforcement
Determination of the tensile strength of the fiber/matrix interface for glass/epoxy & carbon/vinylester
Effects of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Dispersion and Interface Condition on Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of CNT-Reinforced Vinyl Ester
Durability of carbon fiber/vinylester composites subjected to marine environments and electrochemical interactions
Evaluation of Water Degradation ofPolymer Matrix Composites by Micromechanical and Macromechanical Tests
Fatigue and fracture of foam cores used in sandwich composites
study of the effects of nanoparticle modification on the thermal, mechanical and hygrothermal performance of carbon/vinyl ester compounds
Strength and toughness of HDPE fiber reinforced aggregate concrete as a sustainable construction material
Behavior of repaired concrete structures with advanced composites in cold environment
Effects of POSS Fiber Sizing on the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of CarbonNinyl Ester Composites
Experimental Evaluation of the Structural Integrity of the Repairs for Corrosion-Damaged Marine Piles