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Driveability of concrete piles pretensioned with CFRP
Time-dependent behavior of reinforced concrete members with carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) under sustained loads
Behavior of eccentrically loaded slender concrete columns reinforced with CFRP bars
Driveability of concrete piles pretensioned with CFRP and confinement effects of CFRP hoops in reinforced concrete columns
Feasibility studies on carbon fiber composite cables in reinforced/prestressed concrete structures
Experimental studies on flexural behavior of CFRP retrofitted concrete members
Crack propagation in concrete structural members strengthened with bonded fiber reinforced polymer plastic (FRP) laminates
Feasibility of using carbon fiber reinforced plastic tendons in prestressed concrete Double-Tee bridge system
Analytical studies of concrete double-tee bridge system prestressed with FRP materials
Debond of CFRP laminate bonded with concrete exposed to harsh environmental conditions
Static, fatigue and ultimate load behavior of bridges prestressed with advanced composite materials
Behavior of repaired concrete structures with advanced composites in cold environment
Theoretical analysis of reinforced and prestressed concrete bridge members strengthened with CFRP laminates
Effect of elevated temperature and fire on structural elements retrofitted by carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites