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Electromagnetic scattering from a periodic array of open-ended rectangular waveguide apertures
Electromagnetic radiation absorption in block models of human bodies
EM polarization measurement campaign and its applications
Home Range and Habitat Use of Juvenile Green Turtlesin a Shallow Tidal Environment
Plane-Wave Scattering of a Periodic Corrugated Cylinder
Boundary reflection coefficient estimation from depth dependence of the acoustic Green's function
Influence of the boundaries on the acoustic scattering by a submerged target
study on the electromagnetic performance of body-worn radio units in the presence of scatterers in the proximity
Performance study of some diversity schemes in a Nakagami fading channel
 Exploring the electromagnetics of millimeter-wave through terahertz spectrum: de novo studies vis-à-vis materials science, biomedical applications and wireless communication
Analysis and design of simulated human bodies using the finite difference time domain method
Radiation and scattering of electromagnetic waves at the surfaces of composite materials: Surface immittance characterization via field compensation theorem
electromagnetic code evaluation in the 100 MHz to 1000 MHz region