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Atmospheric corrosion sensor studies in accelerated and natural environments
Corrosion initiation on corrosion resistant alloys via acceleration chloride transport
Evaluation of carbon fiber/polyetheretherketone composites exposed to marine microbial communities in laboratory media and natural seawater
Effect of Polarization on Steel Embedded in Simulated Piling Specimens Evaluated by Critical Chloride Threshold
Influences of chlorides, pH and surface films on the corrosion of reinforcing steel in alkaline solutions
Effect of steel reinforcement type and surface condition on corrosion initiation in mortar
Study of corrosion-induced failure mechanisms of epoxy-coated reinforcing steel
Design of cathodic protection using BEM for components of the piilot ocean energy system
Cathodic polarization response of simulated prestressed concrete piles exposed to natural sea water
Effect of cathodic protection and cyclic frequency on corrosion fatigue of selected high strength steels in seawater
Evaluation of corrosion behavior of ion vapor deposited aluminum related coating systems
Mathematical modeling of the pit initiation process
Experimental and theoretical characterization of near-threshold fatigue crack growth for high strength steels in seawater
Accelerated corrosion of steel in dry-cast reinforced concrete pipes after initiation
Pitting potential of high performance duplex stainless steels reinforcements
Initiation and propagation of corrosion in dry-cast reinforced concrete ring specimens
Modeling of bracelet anodes and anode arrays for pipeline CP systems
Initiation and propagation of corrosion in dry-cast reinforced concrete pipes
Evaluation of Chloride Threshold for Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Composited in Aggressively Corrosive Environments