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Mode II interlaminar fracture toughness of interleaved composite materials
study of the effects of nanoparticle modification on the thermal, mechanical and hygrothermal performance of carbon/vinyl ester compounds
Determination of the tensile strength of the fiber/matrix interface for glass/epoxy & carbon/vinylester
Interlaminar mode III fracture ECT method - testing and analysis
Enhancement of spike and stab resistance of flexible armor using nanoparticles and a cross-linking fixative
Evaluation of Water Degradation ofPolymer Matrix Composites by Micromechanical and Macromechanical Tests
Nanoparticle Reinforced Core Materials for Sandwich Construction: Investigation of Mechanical and Fracture Behavior
effects of nitric acid and silane surface treatments on carbon fibers and carbon/vinyl ester composites before and after seawater exposure
Chemical Method and Device to Detect Underwater Trace Explosives via Photo-Luminescence
Effects of POSS Fiber Sizing on the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of CarbonNinyl Ester Composites