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The multiple stress gradient hypothesis: expansion of the revised stress gradient hypothesis using a mangrove and salt marsh study system
evaluation of the microbiological quality of sandy beaches: A novel approach
Molecular characterization of the injected venom of Conus ermineus
Mapping the Fresh-Saltwater Transition Zone Across the Beach Environment Using Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)
The effect of sea level rise on Juncus Roemerianus in a high nutrient environment
Comments on “Trophic structure and productivity of a windward coral reef community on Eniwetok Atoll” [Ecological Monographs 25 (3) (1955) 291–320]
Tidal and low-frequency net displacement in a coastal lagoon
Allelopathy at the land/sea interface: microalgae and Brazilian pepper
Benthic Foraminiferal Assemblages from Pulau Karangmadjat, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
The Associations of Little Blue Heron Prey and Vegetation Communities in Two Subtropical Coastal Ecosystems
Biotic phase-shifts in Florida Bayand fore reef communities of the Florida Keys: linkages with historical freshwater flows and nitrogenloading from Everglades runoff
Increasing Integrity in Sea-Level Rise Impact Assessment on Florida’s Coastal Everglades
A Modeling Study on The Effects of Seagrass Beds on the Hydrodynamics in the Indian River Lagoon
Alkaline Phosphatase Activity of Seagrass and Water Column Fractions in Florida Bay
Fish, macrocrustacean and avian population dynamics and cohabitation in tidally influenced impounded subtropical wetlands
Mangrove Morphological Change Across an Environmental Gradients: Implications for Competitive Ability in a Changing Climate
Distribution and Diversity of Benthic Foraminifera Within the Nearshore Ridge Complex off Pompano Beach, Broward County, Florida.
Perceived risk versus actual risk to sea-level rise: a case study in Broward County, Florida
Mechanisms Controlling Distribution of Cosmopolitan Submerged Aquatic Vegetation: A Model Study of Ruppia maritima L. (widgeongrass) at the Everglades-Florida Bay Ecotone