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role of calcium-hydroxide in the maintenance of passivity of steel
Hematocrit, osmolality and ion concentration in fishes: consideration of circadian patterns in the experimental design
Chloride thresholds for initiation of corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete
Chloride penetration into concrete structures exposed to the marine atmosphere
A study of steady state and kinetic regulation of chloride ion and osmotic pressure in hemolymph of oysters, Crassostrea virginica, exposed to tri-n-butyltin
Effects of cement alkalinity, exposure conditions and steel-concrete interface on the time-to-corrosion and chloride threshold for reinforcing steel in concrete
Chloride Diffusivity and Aging Factor Determined on Field Simulated Concrete Exposed to Seawater
Evaluation of Corrosion Resistant Ferric-Alloys in Chloride Contaminated Concrete
Influence of chlorides and surface condition on pitting potential of high performance reinforcing steel
Correlation of Chloride Diffusivity and Electrical Resistance for Cracked Concrete
Effect of Polarization on Steel Embedded in Simulated Piling Specimens Evaluated by Critical Chloride Threshold
Obstruction of chloride diffusion in concrete by embedded reinforcing bars
Experimental and Modeling Study of Chloride Ingress into Concrete and Reinforcement Corrosion Initiation
Concrete diffusivity and its correlation with chloride deposition rate on concrete exposed to marine environments