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Validation of numerical modelling for long range acoustic propagation
experimental study of the response of circular plates subjected to fluid loading
Docking the Ocean Explorer Autonomous Underwater Vehicle using a low-cost acoustic positioning system and a fuzzy logic guidance algorithm
Motion Compensation of an Ultra Short Baseline Array for the Acoustic Positioning of an Underwater Vehicle for Port Operations
passive platform for tracking underwater vehicles
Acoustic tracking of an unmanned underwater vehicle using a passive ultrashort baseline array and a single long baseline beacon
Acoustic impulse response mapping for acoustic communications in shallow water
Performance and limitations of acoustic positioning using a tetrahedral ultra-short baseline array and an acoustic modem source transmitting frequency-hopped sequences
Interaction of acoustic waves generated by coupled finite fluid-loaded plates
Vibration tailoring of inhomogeneous beams and circular plates
Prediction of broadband self-noise of an airfoil
acoustic far field of a turbulent boundary layer flow calculated from RANS simulations of the flow
fuzzy logic material selection methodology for renewable ocean energy applications
Development and implementation of integrated acoustic and oceanographic numerical modeling in coastal regions
Influence of the boundaries on the acoustic scattering by a submerged target
Aerodynamic analysis of a propeller in a turbulent boundary layer flow
Ensemble-classifier approach to noise elimination: A case study in software quality classification
Correcting noisy data and expert analysis of the correction process